Ardor for Unconformity
Artist book

Ardor for Unconformity brings together artworks and texts by artist Shuyi Cao, along with writing exchanges with the artist’s friends from 2021 to 2024. Synthesizing visual poetry, material processes, and multiscale world-making, this book traces the peculiar stratigraphy composed of the incompatible and indefinable.

Essays, visual poetry and diagrams by Shuyi Cao.
Collaborative writing by Shuyi Cao and Yuhang Zhang.
Conversation between Shuyi Cao and Penny Yiou Peng.

Graphic Design:
Xinyao Huang

Gong Press (New York & Beijing)

The preview version of the book is released in June 2024 with limited Edition of 10, as part of the artist’s solo exhibition at the 11th Biennale nationale de sculpture contemporaine in Quebec.

The official version (in both EN & CN) will be released by the end of 2024. 

© Shuyi Cao 2023