Installation view, 2023, Hyundai Motor Studio Beijing, 8k video with sound, 3d-printed resin sculptures, sand

Begin with the End of What Comes Before
8k video, 8 minutes 45 seconds, resin sculpture, dimensions variable

This work explores the transmutation of biological and geological elements across planetary evolution and human activities, touching upon geotrauma, extinction, and nonlinear futurity. Through microscopic imaging, AI-generated animation, and environment simulation, it depicts the metamorphosis of inorganic matter among species and intelligence.
This work is commissioned by Hyundai Blue Prize Art + Tech 2023 exhibition “Metamorphic Ecosphere” curated by Xiao Zong, showing at Hyundai Motor Studio Beijing, November 4, 2023–March 31, 2024.

Collaboration & Credit:
Music: Oxi Peng
CG Animation: AJ Sapala
CG Assistant: Yuxin Ding
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