A Hypothesis of Communication, 2018, hand blown glasses, steel armature, rubber tube, speakers, 67 inches in height, dimensional variable

Installation view at 13th A.I.R Biennale

Hypothesis of Communication II, 2018, DIY hydrophone prototype, whale ear bone fossil, wood

Hypothesis of Communication III, 2018, copper, glass, cicada, plant hopper, duck whistle, text from H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald about story of training a goshawk

Hypothesis of Communication IV, 2018, plaster cast of human ears, rocks, found radio playing random station

Hypothesis of Communication
Sculpture, sound installation

A Hypothesis of Communication(2018) is a series of speculative apparatus of communication and empathy. It focuses on the mechanism of sound, not only physical but also linguistic, to explore of politics of hearing. Fictional instruments are created for producing, recording and perceiving sounds – from certain objects to ambience, noise, voice, and silence. The configurations allude to the acoustic organs of both animal and machine, while representing them as a biological and technological abstraction.
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